Why must I register my card to pay fees online using the Student Card website?

Credit card registration was introduced to improve the security Student Card transactions as we conform more closely to established financial security guidelines. The registration process provides a reasonable guarantee that the individual executing the transaction is the authorized user of the credit/debit card.

What happens if my Student Card is lost or stolen?

Report lost or stolen cards immediately to your school’s administration or contact us directly. The card will be de-activated immediately and a new card will be issued.

Can the Student Card be used off the school’s campus to purchase meals?

If approved by your school, the card can be used to make purchases anywhere ePAY cards are accepted.
Find listing here. All transactions off school campus will require you to enter a PIN.

How do I set Spending Limits for the Student Card?

Simply Log on using the Card Number and Password provided. You will be given access to the Card Account to Update Your Profile, View Transaction Reports and Set Spending Limits. If you experience problems logging in, use the ‘Forgot Password’ option or make contact with us.

How do I benefit from the special offers provided to Student Card holders?

Offers from our partners are communicated to you via email. Log in and ensure that your Profile is updated with your current email address.

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