Cashless Schools Initiative Launch.

Cashless Schools Initiative #CSI

Principals and PTA unite to make Schools Cashless

The Principals and Home School Associations of prominent High and Preparatory Schools have joined forces to introduce a cashless transaction system on their campus. By removing cash transactions from the canteen, book stores and libraries, the cashless transaction system promotes safety, security and convenience to the student body, administrators and parents.

Our Proposal

The cashless transaction system is a feature of the Cashless Schools Initiative, launched today by Alliance Payment Services Limited (APSL) at the St. George’s College School auditorium. This follows the successful implementation of the Tertiary leg of the program at the Mico University College in 2016.

The Cashless Schools Initiative is a program aimed at creating a more secure and efficient school environment by removing cash transactions from school campuses and providing administrators with real-time financial reports.

The Cashless Schools Initiative will see the issuance of an ePAY prepaid card to all students, who will use the card to make purchases or payments on campus. This will eliminate the need for cash by students and should therefore reduce incidents of theft and the associated incidents of violence. The program will also include the facilitation of online fee payment by parents.

Endorsed by the National Parent Teachers Association of Jamaica, the Cashless Schools Initiative also features partnerships with the Victoria Mutual Building Society, and Wisynco Foods. With the student’s use of the card and the assistance of all the program partners, it is anticipated that students will, over time, become financially literate and understand the role of technology in facilitating convenient and secure transactions.

To date, the program has completed a comprehensive and successful pilot in both Campion College and Immaculate Conception High School. Improvements were made to the program based on feedback and consultation with students, parents, school administrators and the schools’ HSA Executive. The Cashless Schools Initiative will immediately expand to include Calabar High School, and St. George’s College. Aspects of the program will also facilitate electronic transactions at Sts. Peter & Paul Preparatory and St. Andrew Preparatory. The Cashless program is now available for implementation to all schools & colleges across Jamaica.

With the launch of the Cashless Schools Initiative in primary and secondary institutions, APSL reaffirms its commitment to leveraging technology to serve Jamaica’s students, by providing our schools and students with a safe, secure and cashless learning environment.

Project Details

Date: April 10, 2017

Location: St. Georges' College, Auditorium

Keynote Speaker: Minister of Education

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